Various platforms, various tools. Our team of developers delivers, no matter what or where. Delphi, C#, .NET, PHP. MySQL, SQL Server, XML - you name it.
In-depth analysis, flexible design and reliable implementation. We keep no secrets - track the progress of your project using our on-line system. You can even test-run nightly builds.
Detailed project documentation. Every project is documented in more detail than you'll ever need. But, if you need it - it's there.
Project: Database. Starting March 1st, we promote database design to the same level as any other project we take. It's database time!
As of today is our authorized retailer.
G-BackUp Pro has gone alpha. This means there'll be no major feature changes as the product will be thoroughly evaluated and tested. We'll make a public announcement when it enters beta as we'll probably need testers from all around the world.
We have stopped the work on the Flash version of the site for the moment.
We have finished the work on our new site design. It should be uploaded and activated shortly., Inc. is an authorized retailer of GENZARD Applications. is a worldwide leader in online payment services